alicia-vanTired. Such a simple word, yet the only one that I can use to accurately describe how I am truly doing. I have been craving solitude, but with all of my obligations as mother, wife and church administrator that is difficult to do. Deep sorrow and grief can never be understood by someone who has never gone through it. There aren’t words that are accurate enough to describe such heartache.

To put it squarely: I find myself sapped of all energy.

I know that I will come through this much stronger than when I entered. Oh how I wish I could have been spared this experience. But through it all, I know with certainty that even this event has a purpose in my life. Nothing goes to waste. That is why I press on. It is my hope.

In this season of my life I feel that I need quiet. I need rest. At the same time I long to be surrounded by those I love. It’s odd, but justifiable.

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