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saipan-5Life is a journey that has an unknown final destination. We make plans, but God often inserts twists and turns that can either make us dizzy or cause us to take bold steps. My life drove straight into a cement wall on December 18th, and I had a choice to make. Would I dwell on the past and focus on how unfair it was to lose my parents, or would I take a leap of faith and trust that every event in my life has a fundamental purpose for my journey? I have chosen the latter.

During this time of mourning God has been leading my family in a new direction. Well, it’s not a completely new direction, but one that has been on our hearts for a couple years. Saipan. Our plan was June 2018, but, as I said before, God adds twists and turns that our simple minds can’t even begin to understand.

Neemias and I have spoken extensively about going to Saipan for the last year and a half and after what happened to my parents decided that if God gives the green light we will go. We received the green light and have begun to excitedly make plans for this next step in our journey. It is not something that we have jumped into lightly. It’s a decision we’ve made through lots of prayer and endless talking. We know that life will not be easy or perfect in Saipan, but it will be a life of service to others. Now, more than ever before, I want to live out a life similar to that of my parents: a selfless life. Life is too short to waste it on myself and frivolous things. Sometimes, in order to live to our fullest potential, we have to bolt out of our comfort zone and start doing something new.

We are more than excited to finally be going back to the islands that hasaipan-7ve been on our hearts for years. I can’t wait to step off the plane and feel the hot, moist air on my skin. It is a tiny piece of paradise, with its own set of problems, but paradise nonetheless. It’s a place where I will be able to hear the Lord whisper in my ear as He brings healing to my wounded heart. A place where I can share with others everything I learned from my parents’ life on earth. I will have the opportunity to grow and learn from all of those around me who have life stories to share. It will be our new home.

Our plane will take off on June 20th, 2017, and there is no return date in mind. Who knows what other twists and turns will take place in the Cortes family’s journey?!

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