The Beginning

August 5-8, 2013


After having packed and repacked we finally made it to the airport with 4 suitcases, 4 carry-ons, diaper bag, computer bag, two car seats and a stroller. There were tearful “arrivedercis” to Neemias’ family and to my mom.  It’s never easy to say goodbye and I know we will miss them very much, but after saying so many goodbyes in my life I didn’t shed many tears. Some might think that I am insensitive, but that’s not the case. I just learned from a young age how to hold the tears in and to shed them after I say goodbye!


Our first stop was Dubai, UAE where we walked around and looked at all of the shops and had some dinner. Next stop was Seoul, S. Korea; Gabriel had a grand time playing with Korean children at a small play place. Then we were off to Saipan to stay two nights and to buy a few supplies. After hopping a bunch of shops we were able to find Madalyn a travel crib. Finally we took a plane that sits six people (including the pilot) to Tinian and Gabriel was sitting right behind the pilot. Melissa, Sandy and Alayna greeted us with a banner and flowers as we entered the airport – it was a beautiful welcome.


I was quite surprised at how well Gabriel traveled on our 26-hour journey. He only had a couple fussy moments, but in all he was either happy or sleeping. He went for a few walks around the plane, ate his food and played with the entertainment center.  Madalyn spent most of the time sleeping and eating, as she normally does! In all, our journey went well. We learned a little bit more about what it means to be patient and how challenging it can be traveling with a two year old boy and a 6 week old girl. But God is good! He got us here safe and sound and we are ready to get to work and get this adventure in our lives started! Image

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