The Agonizing Loss of My Parents

In my deepest sorrow, the darkest moments I have ever lived, I turn to the coping method that has always worked best for me since I was a young girl: writing. Yesterday morning my alarm went off at 6:45. I felt quite at peace and serene, and realized that my children had all slept in…

Ringing Ears

Being a mother of three children between the ages of five and two is no simple task. Add a fulltime job and a husband who works at night on top of that and you’ll have my life. I have tried to find a stronger word than ‘exhausted,’ but to this day I haven’t found one….

Going Back to the Islands?

Life in Tinian came to an end in June 2014, due to the fact that I was expecting our third child. We were counseled to return home for various reasons, so that is what we did. But for the past two years Neemias and I have both felt like our hearts stayed in the Marianas….

Life-Threatening Waves

Saturday morning we decided to go play in the sand at Tachogna Beach. It has been windy and stormy that last few days, so we knew we would not swim as the waves are huge and dangerous. The waves were so big that we were actually sitting way up on the beach under the trees…

City Girl

While monitoring my class on the playground I like to walk the length of it to think and get some exercise. The other day I was thinking about the different places I have lived in the last 28 years. Most of my childhood was spent in Rome, with a population of almost 3 million people….

Torrential Rain

Life here is flying by and I never seem to have time to write! We have had many little family adventures in the last few weeks, such as running in the rain and watching our huge beach ball float out into the ocean, which we eventually retrieved from the banana boat guy who had found…

Let it Rain

Thankfully a wonderful downpour of rain accompanied this evening. It was such an unbearably hot and sticky day; the rain cooled us off dramatically. If only it could happen every night!   One of the reasons why we moved out here was that we desired for God to use us in a different way. We…


It’s amazing how messy unpacking can be, especially with two small children. As soon as I put something away Gabriel was there to take it out.


We have now been on Tinian a week, and time is just flying by already. I have had my ups and downs, including moments when I’ve thought about going home to Italia, but it is going well here. I have my classroom set up and ready to go for my 3rd and 4th graders. Tomorrow…

The Beginning

August 5-8, 2013   After having packed and repacked we finally made it to the airport with 4 suitcases, 4 carry-ons, diaper bag, computer bag, two car seats and a stroller. There were tearful “arrivedercis” to Neemias’ family and to my mom.  It’s never easy to say goodbye and I know we will miss them…