Goodbye 2018

Reflecting on the year gone by I have realized that it has been a blur. Two things that stick out the most are finding out that I’m pregnant with baby #4 and living through Super Typhoon Yutu. The discussion of baby number #4 had gone on for over a year and we finally decided to just go for it. We are super excited about baby Michael being added to the family at the end of March. The kids keep asking how many more days until he arrives. This pregnancy has been different from the other three due to a previous umbilical hernia after having Rebekah. This has caused a bit more discomfort than my past pregnancies, but thankfully baby is doing fine.

As for Super Typhoon Yutu, I don’t want to go into that right now. It was a life-changing and eye-opening experience that we will never forget. Despite how terrifying and awful the typhoon was, I’m grateful for the lessons we have learned because of it. Maybe some day in the future I’ll share our full experience on here, but for now that’s all I want to say.

This coming year will have a number of exciting changes, most of which I cannot share yet. We are excited to see what God will be doing in 2019 and placing all plans in His hands. One thing I have personally learned this past year is that I need to take care of my family and be more in tune with their needs, especially the children. Various events have opened my eyes to see their struggles and heartbreaks even though they are still so young. Praying for wisdom on this parenting journey!

I pray you all have a blessed 2019!

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