Fruit and Machetes

As I have done most of my life since 1998, I have been missing Rome. Rome is always calling to me, no matter how crazy the city gets. I dream of living there again some day in a sunny, rooftop apartment near Piazza Navona. I envision my grandkids coming to visit me and exploring the city together. That day is far off, therefore this week I was making a mental list of the top ten things I enjoy about Saipan . . .

  1. The first thing I love about this island is the fact that no matter where I go on island I can see the ocean.
  2. I don’t have to constantly shave my legs as the people on island don’t care about such frivolous things.
  3. People can walk around with machetes in their hands and no one thinks twice about it.
  4. Everywhere I look there are trees with so many different types of fruit: banana, coconut, mango, jackfruit, papaya, star fruit and breadfruit, just to name a few!
  5. There is always a smile and a hello to be shared, even though you don’t know the other person.
  6. You see your students around island and it’s not awkward. I enjoy seeing students in the community and chatting with them for a few minutes.
  7. I get to see and experience many different Asian cultures in my classroom and on island.
  8. It doesn’t take longer than 20 minutes to get to any given location.
  9. Life is simple… busy, but simple.
  10. I drop off my laundry and when I pick it up it is washed, dried and folded… and it only costs a few dollars more than if I did it myself.

I will always miss Italy, it is home after all, yet I do like where I am at. Does it feel like home yet? Almost. It’s one of those things that simply takes time.

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