A Weekend in Saipan

Three. Day. Weekend.

Words that mean you get extra time with family, friends and self. Although my three-day weekend did not go as planned, I had a good time nonetheless.

Saturday was a flurry of activities: children’s birthday party, soccer game and a friend’s birthday party. Didn’t have much time to lounge around, but sure did have some great moments of deep laughter, which was much needed.

Sunday morning was spent at church, sharing in their white Sunday. It was a time of families sharing verses or songs with the church and children receiving gifts of school supplies. It was a special time as we were able to get to know our church family a little bit more. For lunch we went to one of our favorite spots: Oleai Beach Bar & Grill. We enjoy their cheap taco lunch and, since it’s right on the beach, the amazing view of the ocean. We all napped until about 5:30, which dramatically messes up bedtime. So, after a quick dinner, we decided to head down to Garapan for a walk and a treat. These simple activities can be stressful with three young children, but we try to push past the chaotic parts and savor the special time we have with our kids. They ran and danced down the street, sniffing the blooms on the plumeria trees and perusing the isles of the tourist shops. It’s humorous how much they enjoy walking through the shops and checking out ALL the little trinkets.

Monday, I was determined to take the children to the beach, but alas the weather was still not cooperating. I drove down to Micro Beach to see what the ocean was like, but to my dismay the water was not only not calm, but it had completely washed the beach away. I could see the roots of the coconut trees that are normally five meters from the water. Not a beach day. Drove back to the house to get the family and to head to the grocery store. While I shopped, Neemias took the kids to the playground. We noticed that there was a cultural festival going on by the beach, so we pulled over to check it out. Local dancers were dancing while the band played and sang blessings on the people of the Marianas. We watched craftsmen weave baskets and hats out of leaves, while at another area a man was using a wooden tool to shave coconuts. Another man was taking the hollow coconut shells to build a fire, over which they were going to cook a large fish they had caught. I really enjoy seeing the culture of the people, I wish we could see more of it.

This weekend wasn’t very restful, but it was truly beautiful.

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