Permanent Shine With a Bit of Ramen


We have been on Saipan for a month and feel like we have adjusted back to island life rather quickly. When we had moved to Tinian four years ago we weren’t quite sure about our decision, but this time around feels different. We feel like we belong. Maybe it’s because we have matured or maybe because we were longing for a change; whatever the reason, we are glad to be here.

The children have especially adjusted quickly. It’s like they’ve always been living this island life. They enjoy driving around the island, swimming, running around barefoot, walking along the shore and they especially love playing with the children we have met. We’ve had the privilege of visiting all four of the Grace Christian churches and at each church the children talk about all their new friends they met in class.

The only thing we are taking longer to adjust to is the heat and humidity. I am constantly red or pink, not because of a sun burn, but because I am hot. We are also constantly wet from sweating! A permanent shine. In order to get any good sleep, we have to have the air-con on. In time, I know we will adjust to the climate, but for now we are dealing with it moment by moment.

We find that most of the free time we have had in the last month we have spent it outside of the house. We like to go for walks in the evenings to people watch and enjoy the smells and sounds of the island.  The food here is amazing. There are so many different choices, so far we have tried: Filipino, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mexican and American. I hear that there are a few Italian places, but I am hesitating to try them, as I’m afraid I might be too judgmental! The most memorable thus far was at Ajisen Ramen. I’m not a pro at chopsticks, but normally I can get by. But when we ate there the chopsticks were really slippery, as were the ramen noodles! The ramen was so good though, so I kept at it, slurping away as I ate. It was an amazing meal, and I have the newly-spotted shirt to prove it!

Tomorrow I begin working full-time, so I know life here will get busier. I will miss the slower pace of the last month, and yet I am also ready to get back to my students. I will be teaching middle school science and history and I look forward to meeting and knowing my students. I hope to be a positive influence in their lives as we journey through the year together. I know that I will learn much from them!

I find it hard to find the time to write, but as we settle into a routine I hope to be able to share this island life with all of you in more detail. My next post will most definitely be about the experience we had today in an outdoor, island church. Simply beautiful.

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  1. Mami Joyce says:

    I thank God you are getting used to the island, i love to see how God faithfully yet slowly is taking you and your family on the path He has set before you. I will by God’s loving grace continue to fallow you if you don’t mind, i feel this is for now one of the few but blessed way i have to be close to you. We love you and we pray that you will be used by the Lord in helping all that will come your way, to know the precious gift of salvation we have in Jesus. You and your family have always been a gift from the Lord to others. Love and by for now.😙

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