Finally on Island Time


We have been on Saipan for over three weeks now and have been working hard to set up home and get over jet lag before I start working. The last week I have been doing some ESL tutoring, so the house has been put on hold for a while. We also had the privilege of helping out our new church family in Kagman this week with their kids’ camp. Such beautiful children with big smiles. I know that many come from challenging home environments and difficulties, but I pray that God will use us to reach their hearts. That’s the biggest reason why we are here, to be used by the Lord in whatever way He asks.

In these three weeks we have figured out where to do laundry, which shops have certain items and which ones don’t. We have learned that buying a car in Saipan is truly an adventure, as it truly takes a village to figure out if you are getting a deal or getting ripped off! When you have a party on Saipan everyone brings something to share even if you don’t ask them to (I love this). Even though you might only be driving a few kilometers to go to church it seems like it takes forever as the average speed on island is 56 km/h and in some places it is only 40 km/h.

Making friends on this beautiful island has been quite easy. Every person we have met has been friendly, hospitable and helpful. Even a salesman at a car dealership gave us his personal number and told us to call him if we are ever in need of help or stuck somewhere. We’ve only been here a short time but a bunch of friends came out to the beach for Gabriel’s birthday, which made him such a happy boy. He’s been through a lot this year and his smile is beginning to come back.

I just wanted to write a quick update to let you all know that we are still alive and that life has been busy. I hope that soon I will be able to write a proper post. And to those who are wondering, yes, I do miss Italy. I always do when I am gone!

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