Like A Camel To A River


I’ve moved so many times in my life that the process of saying goodbye has somehow become quite simple. Yet that does not mean I won’t miss those I’m leaving behind. It also does not mean that I am a closed, cold-hearted and disconnected person (believe it or not, ignorant people have referred to me as such in the past).

Physically moving your life is a chore, but emotionally you can choose how you will go about it. As a child, I dealt with it by crying. As a teenager, I dealt with it by praying, crying and writing poetry. How about now? I write. I cry. I talk. I walk. I pray.

I will miss my friends and family in Italy, but honestly the people I would have missed the most I would have missed even if I stayed here. When I think about them I am encouraged to follow the calling God has placed on my life. How do I know it’s His calling? That is simple, what’s in my heart to do is not my own will, but His. The phrase “follow your heart” is right-on, as long as your heart is pure!

We all come to a point in our lives when we must decide if we will follow our purpose, even when it takes us far from home, or choose to stay forever in our comfort zone. Is money more important than family? Is having more material things a priority over living a life full of purpose and profound meaning? It’s obvious what my choice has been.

Since moving was my personal choice how could I go around with a somber face acting like leaving Italy is the most tragic thing that has happened to me? I can’t, because I am following my heart! I am not sad about going to where I will be able to live IN the will of God because by doing so I KNOW we will be blessed. That brings joy, not sorrow!

Therefore, with this move I will cope with the absence of friends and family by writing, crying, talking walking and praying. I will also invest my time and energy in building new relationships and connections to add to my already large family from around the world. Friends are everywhere, they are just waiting to be discovered. I am not afraid of the unknown, quite the contrary, I am drawn to it like a camel is drawn to a river.

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