Let it Rain


Thankfully a wonderful downpour of rain accompanied this evening. It was such an unbearably hot and sticky day; the rain cooled us off dramatically. If only it could happen every night!


One of the reasons why we moved out here was that we desired for God to use us in a different way. We knew from the beginning that life here would not be easy, that we would be pushed out of our comfort zone. And, as odd as this may sound, that’s exactly what we wanted. So many people back home don’t understand why we left our comfortable life in Italy to come to Tinian for at least two years to teach in the school and help out in the church here. We had our families, jobs, a nice home and all the comforts of the modern world. Yet there are times in life when we have to break away from the ordinary and distance ourselves from what is comfortable to discover the true beauty of how God works in us and through us. It’s through struggles and humility that we grow and become people of character. I don’t want to live an ordinary life. I want my life to be extraordinary! My hope is that my person will be transformed into the being that God designed for me to be. A downpour of God’s blessings will accompany these next couple years of stretching and molding. In the difficult times He will refresh and renew. 

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